School Transportation

School Transportation

When it comes to school transportation, ITH is one of the oldest company in providing the coaches to school and educational institutes since 1970 with the wide range for wider choice to choose from the tempo travelers, mini coach or even the larger coach (AC & NonAC).
Currently, approximately 80 ITH coaches are running with the top notch school and educational Institutes of Delhi NCR.
Over the period of time, our dedicated courteous and timely services have put us in lead of the school and educational transportation.

Mandatory before appointing the school bus drivers & conductors

  • Police verification.
  • Criminal Record Checks by Indian Travel House (through our external agency).
  • Drug Screening.
  • Motor Vehicle history Check.
  • Medical Examination check on every year from our empanelment hospitals & clinics.
  • Minimum age of 35+ years.
  • Quarterly training to school drivers & conductors for handling school children at pick-up and drop at the bus stop to avoid any accidents driving road crossing by school children. And other safety training are also provided to keep school children safe driving transit.

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ITH coaches are equipped & backed by

Global Positioning System

All ITH buses are equipped with GPS tracking devices. These devices enable live tracking of vehicles on real time basis.

Sleeping Child Button

A school child unattended inside the bus is the biggest challenge faced in the school transport system which is eliminated through the concept of No Passenger Board on sleeping child check button.

Electronic Attendance

All buses are fitted with scanners. A student is issued a Bar Coded ID cards and their boarding/de-boarding cards captured on real time basis.

Panic Button

This feature is used by drivers during emergency situations.

Video Surveillance System(On demand)

All buses are installed with Video Surveillance Systems. We have carried out due diligence to ensure that the Video Surveillance System cannot tamper.

Control Room Operations

All buses are tracked through GPS and Video Surveillance Systems. Through this, the exact location of the bus, the entry/exits of all the students etc is monitored live on the control room screen at Indian Travel House Control Room.