Regarding the feedback on your service level, everything has been excellent. We haven’t encountered any issues or received any complaints from our users. Your booking team responds promptly to our emails, providing driver details on time without needing reminders. If there’s any confusion in my emails, your team calls immediately to clarify, ensuring smooth execution of booking requests. Additionally, your team can accommodate short-notice requests, even for last-minute planning. Overall, we are very satisfied with the service

Quality of cab service provided by your company was good and perfect. Appreciate your efficient customer service.

Syed Hyder Ali

Bhaskar was a fantastic driver, always polite, always early for pick up, always smiling and ready to help. I have had many drivers in the 15 years I have been travelling to Bengaluru for work and can say that he is the best driver that I have had. I will be requesting Bhaskar for all my future visits to Bengaluru and will be recommending him highly to all senior leaders from ANZ who are visiting.

Tanya McCutcheon

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